The Grass Is Greener Because It’s Fertilised With Bullshit

I’m the girl that everyone lives vicariously through.
I’m the woman who took hold of her life at 35 and flipped it completely upside down.
I’m the one who found pieces of myself whilst travelling the world.
I’m the one who takes life by the motherfucking balls and jumps in head first.
I’m the epitome of all that is cosmopolitan, fun adventurous and sexual.
I’m the envy of many.

I’m single.
I’m alone, wandering the aisles, looking for that one piece that seems to be missing.
I come home and cook for one.
I lay in an empty bed at night wondering when my next chance for affection will be.

I’m exhausted.
I sit dumbfounded, wondering if those who claim to envy me, say they live vicariously through me would still want to be me if they saw the incomplete me.